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Shining Star

The Shining Star award began in 2003 by Kim Granhaug and the Board of Directors.  This idea was generated by Karen Grigg’s editorial response in our Chapter Newsletter to an article written by Ken Flowers in the Journal of Hand Therapy (Jan /March 2003). In the article, Mr. Flowers commented that his own list of Shining Stars of the next generation was shockingly short.  In the former Texas Chapter and now the Texas Society for Hand Therapy, we have a long list of selfless volunteers who spend many hours every year on various projects at the State and National Level.


  • Must be an Active and Participating member of Texas Society for Hand Therapy (TSHT)
  • Must have served on the Board of Directors of TSHT more than one year
  • Must be recognized as a strong contributor to the TSHT goals and objectives
  • Nominees will be voted on by the Board of Directors at the Summer Meeting

Previous Shining Star Recipients

2020 Kimberly Goldie Staines, OTR, CHT

Kimberly Goldie Staines has been an invited presenter at the national and international levels. Her accomplishments and scientific contributions to hand therapy are known through her many scientific papers, publications, posters, and book chapters. She has been recognized by the American Society of Hand Therapists, American Society for Surgery of the Hand, and Texas Society of Plastic Surgeons for her contributions to the field. She has been part of the Poster and Scientific paper committees for ASHT annual meetings, a member of the ASHT Practice Committee as well as a member of ASHT and ASSH. She completed a research fellowship at the Center for Performing Arts Medicine at Houston Methodist Hospital which is focused on the management of overuse injuries in musicians. In recognition of her musician research, she was invited to present at the Menuhin International Violin Competition. She ran the Houston Hand Interest Group for over 5 years. She is part of the AHTF board. She has been Secretary of Texas Chapter for ASHT 2004 to 2006, Education Coordinator of TSHT 2015-2016, and was awarded the best TSHT Scientific Poster in 2018.

2019 Beth Bergeron, OTR, CHT

Beth Bergeron graduated from Texas A&M University in 1991 with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. She received her Masters of Occupational Therapy from Texas Woman’s University in 1997. She has focused her practice in outpatient hand therapy since 1997 and received her Certification in Hand Therapy in 2002. She works currently at North Texas Hand Center. She utilizes a patient-focused approach with splinting, modalities, therapeutic exercises and activities to maximize functional recovery. Beth and her husband Tom live in Shady Shores with their two kids. Beth is a member of the American Society of Hand Therapists and serves on the Texas Society for Hand Therapy Board of Directors as Educational Coordinator on 2015 and Newsletter editor from 2010 to 2013.

2018 Kimatha Oxford Grice, OTR, CHT

Kimatha Oxford Grice, OTD, OTR, CHT, is an Associate Professor in the Department of OccupationalTherapy, University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, Texas.She has a BS in Community Health from Texas A & M University, a Masters in OT from Texas Woman’s University, and a post professional doctorate in Occupational Therapy from the University of St. Augustine. She began practice as an occupational therapist in 1980 and certified as a Hand Therapist in 1991. She has been teaching since 1995 and participates in faculty practice, providing services in orthopedic out-patient settings as a certified hand therapist. She has served in various capacities on the district boards of the Texas O. T. Association, as an item writer for the certification exams for both NBCOT and the Hand Therapy Certification Commission, as Education Chair of the Texas Chapter of the American Society of Hand Therapists and Secretary for the Texas Society for Hand Therapy. She was honored with a Presidential award for Excellence in Teaching in 2001 by the University of Texas Health Science Center, was inducted into the UTHSCSA Academy of Master Teachers in 2008 and named as a Distinguished Teaching Professor by the UT System in 2010. In 2017, she was honored with the Presidential Award for Distinguished Service to the Institution for UT Health.

2017 Molly Hudson, OTR, CHT

Molly Hudson has served on the board as Historian from 2003 through 2006, then she served on the Ways and Means committee from 2007 through 2010, and President. She earned her degree from UTMB at Galveston in 1992, and her certification in Hand Therapy in 1999. She co-authored a special edition journal chapter on rehabilitation following carpal dissociation/fractures. She has an extensive background in treating various injuries and a wide variety of complicated conditions. She specializes in Custom Splints, Kinesiotaping, and Manual Therapy Techniques. She worked at Sadler clinic in The Woodlands. She was the owner of a private hand therapy practice from 2001 through 2008. Currently she works with Select Therapy.

2016 Aida Galindo, OTR, CHT

Aida Galindo has been in the field of hand therapy over 30 years. Her extensive knowledge in our profession of hand therapy has led to publications in peer reviewed journals including the Journal of Hand Therapy. She has served on the Board of Directors in various positions. She has also been the Director of various hand clinics in Houston where she incorporates her vision of excellence with creativity. Aida has an intelligent wit and is faithful to her ideas and ethics. She has formed bonds with colleagues that have only grown deeper foundations, flourishing throughout the years. Her free spirit has also taken her to Central and South America to perform mission work providing hand therapy to people who would otherwise not have access.

2015 Marisol Monasterio, OTR, CHT

Marisol Monasterio is originally from Caracas, Venezuela. She received her undergraduate degree in Kinesiology and Psychology from the University of Houston in 1997, and Master degree in Occupational Therapy from Texas Woman’s University in 2001. Ms. Monasterio received her Certification in Hand Therapy in 2006. She has been trained in advanced orthotics for the upper and lower extremity, and has specialized in the hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder post-surgicaltreatment. She is a current member of the American Society for Hand Therapists and is active both at a national and state level. Marisol has been a speaker in national and local conferences as well as at the CHT review course. She was awarded Best Clinical Poster “Modified Anti-Pronation DRUJ Instability Splint”, 29th ASHT annual meeting, 2006. She was the Education Coordinator organizing the 13th annual meeting Texas Chapter of Hand Therapy conference “Come and Join us” in 2008,and Historian for the Texas Chapter of ASHT from 2008 to 2011. Marisol received the Shinning Star Award in 2015 and she is the current President of The Texas Society for Hand Therapy. Marisol has worked with highly respected hand surgeons of the Houston area including Dr. Steven Viegas. Her publications at the Journal of Hand Therapy include Use of a Bivalve Finger Fracture Splint in the Treatment of a Comminuted Fracture & Dorsal Dislocation, Dynamic Hinged Splint Following a Surgical Reattachment of a Distal Triceps Tendon Avulsion and Modified Anti-pronation DRUJ Instability Splint.