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Poster Submission for 2020 Conference


Submission  for 2020 Poster is now closed

(See Simple Application Form Below)

– submit a poster of your latest discovery, charity work, idea or research

Monetary prize awarded for the Best Scientific Poster and the Best Clinical Poster ! !

Poster topics should focus on the assessment, treatment, orthotic fabrication/design, and clinical reasoning for management of the upper extremity.   

Topics can be directed toward the novice therapist to the experienced hand therapist.

Poster proposals will be reviewed by the TSHT Annual Meeting Committee.

For submission be sure to include :

1.      Title page including authors, affiliations, communication contact and poster type [scientific or educational]
2.      Abstract with no reference to authors or affiliation

Recommended poster size is 36″ x 54″.  Please note that we WILL NOT be able to accommodate posters larger than the recommended size.

What a poster should include:

·         Title: Project title
·         Authors: Your name,  names of collaborators, and affiliation
·         Summary of the project
·         An Introduction
·         Theory or Methodology section
·         Results or Findings section
·         Discussion
·         Conclusions
·         Disclosure of any funding or conflict of information is required on the poster

Poster Application

Please contact April Cowan, OTR, OTD, CHT news@tsht.org

Your Name (required)

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Your Phone (required)

Type of Poster (research, informative, charitable work or mission): (required)

Abstract not to exceed more than 250 words.
No graphs, tables, photographs, or slide presentations are accepted as part of the abstract:

If awarded, you will send an article of the experience gained from the awarded money within one year of receiving it:

Address where to send money, if awarded:


For tips on perfecting you poster presentation please visit
You will be notified if your poster is accepted on or before February 24th!!