TSHT offers three types of grants to our members.  The grants are  available in the areas of education, research, and community service.  All grants are open to both active and affiliate members and having the credentials of CHT is not a requirement.

Research Grant

The TSHT Research Grant is intended to support clinical research projects that will find and report new knowledge about hand therapy practices. Both novice or experienced researchers and occupational or physical therapists, who are current TSHT members, may apply. The proposed project should be convincing, innovative, and demonstrate intellectual rigor and integrity. The grant is awarded for funding research with the firm requirement that the research will be disseminated for publication or presentation.

Amount: $250 – $500

Education Grant

This grant is awarded to assist individuals in bringing awareness to the public via speaking or publishing educational materials.
Amount: $250 – $500

Outreach Grant

This grant supports service at the community, state, national and international levels. This grant can also be used to visit Austin during Capitol Day for travel assistance covering your mileage.
Amount: $250 – $500

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Applying is a simple process. Please fill out the following application.  Upon completion of the use of the grant, an article with photographs must be submitted for publication in our newsletter.

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