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Are you interested in becoming a mentor?

We are looking for highly experienced, seasoned hand therapists who are willing to share their hard-earned wisdom, advice and clinical expertise with novice therapists who are interested in advancing their knowledge in delivering hand therapy services and perhaps becoming a CHT.  Remember that one individual who lit the fire in you and kindled your passion for hand therapy?  Perhaps, he/she is an instructor, supervisor, clinical instructor.  You could be rewarded with filling that role for someone else and “paying it forward.”  You can serve in any capacity that suits your interest level from advice over the phone to a more formal in-person mentoring experience.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please contact vicepresident@tsht.org.  Please include your city of practice, preferred contact method (email, phone, etc.) and your preferred level of involvement. Your information will be emailed to all the prospective TSHT members interested in mentoring in your area.

Are you in need of a mentor?

If you want helpful advice, direction in your developing career or just more information on how to hone your hand therapy skills, please contact vicepresident@tsht.org.  Please indicate your city of practice, preferred contact method (email, phone, etc.) and specifics on what you expect from a mentoring relationship.

We will try to find the best fit for each individual and put you in contact with each other.

Mentorship Opportunity at Houston Methodist Hospital

A Hand Therapy Residency Program at Houston Methodist Hospital (Sugar Land and Willowbrook Sites) has been established which will begin in July, 2016.  The program has achieved Candidacy status from AOTA as an AOTA approved Residency.  This is one of three such programs in the nation, and the first in Texas.  It is a 12 month program for licensed OT’s wanting to enter the specialty of hand therapy.  The one-year program includes didactic lectures, labs, observation of surgery, and mentored practice.  The residents are salaried therapists with full benefits for a 12 month term of service. If interested, please contact Peggy Boineau at PJBoineau@houstonmethodist.org.