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Fingerprinting for Occupational and Physical Therapists

OT, OTA, PT and PTA Licensees:

Licensees renewing an active status or retired status license or changing status to retired or active have to fingerprint as a required item for renewal if they have not previously satisfied TBOTE fingerprinting
requirements for the initial issuance of the license or previous renewal or change in status. Licensees renewing a license on inactive status or changing the status to inactive will not have this requirement until changing to active or retired status.
What if an applicant or licensee has had to be fingerprinted for some other reason? Previously undergoing a criminal background check through fingerprinting (for TSA, an employer, etc.) does not exempt an applicant or licensee from this requirement.
More Information: Instructions regarding submitting fingerprints appear on the Board’s website at http://www.ptot.texas.gov.