Hand Therapy Week

Hand Therapy Week was established by the American Society of Hand Therapists to raise awareness for the field of hand therapy.  It is held each year during the first full week of June.  Each year, the Texas Society for Hand Therapy celebrates Hand Therapy Week by hosting contests and encouraging our members to raise awareness in their communities.  

This year, we want to hear from our members why you chose to become a hand therapist and specialize in treating the upper extremity.  You can submit a photo, video, TikTok (for those social media influencers!), collage, fiber art, interpretive dance, painting, or any other creative way to show us your why.  Submissions are due by June 13.  Please email your submission to our Awareness Committee Chair, Carina Hill. Show us your creativity!  The first place winner will receive a one-year membership to TSHT.  Second place will win $20 off the 2022 TSHT Annual Education Conference in Round Rock, Texas.  Third place will win $10 off the 2022 conference.  The contest is open to all TSHT members. 


2020 Contest: Best Use of Orthosis Scraps

 Winner: Aida Galindo, OTR, CHT

Submission: PIP hinged orthosis