Hand therapists, either occupational or physical therapists, have a very important role and place in the medical community.  We help patients who have experienced significant injuries or diagnoses that could alter daily function.  In order to continue the great work we do, we need to band together to make our voice heard.

Healthcare, reimbursement, policies, and laws are ever changing and can affect how we practice.  The Texas Society for Hand Therapy seeks to:

  • Inform you about changes to policies and laws
  • Encourage cohesiveness towards common goals
  • Provide you with information about national and state legislature
  • Educate therapists on how they can get involved in advocating for our profession
  • Provide a sounding board for opinions and thoughts
  • Organize a group to work with other occupational and physical therapists to meet with our state legislators


Disclaimer: We have collected information and are making this information available to you.  We do our best to gather the information and provide it in a user friendly way.  Policies and rulings change frequently.  TSHT is not responsible for changes in healthcare rules or laws.  If there is an error or update that needs to be make, please email [email protected].  TSHT is not legally responsible for materials on this site.  We will publish the source on all topics and encourage the independent viewer to continue their own research in all areas of interest.