Nancy Geers Award Recipients

2019 Recipient: Heath Herrington

Upon graduating from Baylor University in 2003 with a B.B.A in Marketing, Heath headed north from Waco and moved to Dallas.  After investing his twenties in multiple industries to include office equipment, automotive, medial recruiting, and real estate, he met an inspirational amputee in 2011 which led him to his current field, prosthetics.  For the past seven years, he has served as the Patient Relationship Manager for Arm Dynamics, a nationally recognized upper extremity prosthetic rehabilitation provider.  

Author Studs Turkel famously said, "People are not looking for a job, they are looking for a calling."  As a Patient Relationship Manager, Heath has found what he considers a passionate calling.  He is an enthusiastic, positive force who walks into a room with calm and genuine compassion and a laser-like focus on the human being.  In Heath's words, "I am far from just trying to provide a service or sell a product.  I am standing with a person who has likely experienced the most traumatic day of their life.  I am there to provide comfort, encouragement, and hope."

During his time in the prosthetics industry, Heath has worked with over 150 hand surgeons and hand therapists to engage in the care of hundreds of amputees.  Behind every amputee is a story.  There are amazing stories turning tragedy into triumph, stories of amazing human courage.  Whether it is in a jungle village in Haiti or an intensive care unit at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, Heath has enjoyed becoming such a crucial part of an amputee's journey towards regaining hope.  In his spare time, he has served overseas volunteering with mission work in countries including Brazil, Haiti, Uganda, Ethiopia, and Kazakhstan.


Past Nancy Geers Award Recipients

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